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Contact your department dean or chair for information on the items listed below:

  • Parking permit
  • Directory for campus contacts (who to contact at the campus and for what)
  • Contact person for assignment information/schedule
  • Keys
  • Access to class roster
  • Copy machine code
  • Ordering materials for classes
  • Submitting grade roster
  • Access to Canvas
  • Campus mailbox
  • Any assignment/campus questions you might have
Email & Access

Employee ID Number

HR will email you your employee ID number within two (2) business days after your HR appointment.

Email Access

Please contact after you receive employee ID number and include your name, campus location, and employee ID number for help with your email and online access.

ID Badge

The dean of your department will need to submit an online request for your employee ID badge by following the instructions here. Once the request is approved, contact Security Services to schedule an appointment and obtain your ID badge. 

HR Information

Contact HR

Please visit the HR directory to find the HR representative for your campus.

Update Personal Information

Log in to PROMT and go to the Employee Self Service section to update your personal information OR visit this link to complete the form. 

Benefit Options

Contact the Benefits office by phone at (510) 466-7229 or by email at within 30 days after your hire date for information about benefits options. 

Retirement Options – CalSTRS

Contact CalSTRS by phone at (800) 228-5453 or use their contact form if you have any questions related to the CalSTRS retirement options. You can also view the CalSTRS Member Publications section for guides on retirement plans. 

Salary Scale Information

You can visit the Salary Information page on the Human Resources site to find the most updated salary scales.

Salary Placement for New Faculty 

Click here for a list of acceptable documents that count towards salary placement. Salary placement details will be discussed during the HR appointment.


Update W4

Please visit the Peralta Payroll Department website for the W-4 form, complete it, and email it to the HR/Payroll representative for your home campus.

Sign up for Direct Deposit

Please visit the Peralta Payroll Department website for the direct deposit form, attach a voided check, and email it to the HR/Payroll representative for your home campus.

Pick up paycheck (non-direct deposit option)

Employees who chose to not enroll in direct deposit must pick up their check at the Cashier’s Office of their home campus.

Paycheck Questions

Contact the Payroll department for any payroll/paycheck-related questions. 

Tuberculosis (TB) test

Per Education Code 87408.6, all employees must provide proof of a negative Tuberculosis (TB) test reading before or on their start date.

See below for a list of options that can be submitted for the TB test requirement. Please submit only one (1) of the options.

  1. Employees who worked at either a K-12 institution or higher education institution within the last four (4) years may bring proof their negative TB test results from their previous institution, OR
  2. Employees may submit the TB Risk Assessment.
    1. Please request your health care provider to complete the TB Risk Assessment form, OR
  3. Employees may submit a completed negative TB test reading taken within 60 days prior to their start date. Employees have the option of taking the intradermal tuberculin test or an X-ray of the lungs. 

Will I be reimbursed for the TB test?

No. Peralta does not reimburse for the TB test.

Does the TB test have to be taken at a specific hospital/clinic?

No. We will accept a TB test from any clinic or hospital.

How much time will I have to submit the TB test?

Proof of a negative TB test reading must be submitted before or on the employee’s start date.

Can I submit a TB test that I took a while ago or more than 60 days ago? 

You can submit a TB test if it was taken within the past 60 days. Per Education Code 87408.6, TB tests taken before 60 days will not be valid and you will need to submit a new one.

Faculty Diversity Intern Program (FDIP)

What should I do when I complete the FDIP program?

Please notify your dean and the HR office if you completed the program so that your status can be changed from intern to faculty.

Where can I get information about the FDIP program?

You can visit the FDIP website for information about the program.