Office of Risk Management

The Office of Risk Management provides important information to Peralta Community College District administration, faculty, staff, and students through its website.

For DMV Driver Authorization, General Liability, Insurance, Report of Unsafe Condition or Hazard, Injury Illness Prevention Program, Hazard Communication Program documents, and more, go to Forms and Documents.

Photo showing the cycle of risk management: assessing risk, conduction decision support, implementing controls, measuring program effectiveness

The Risk Manager is responsible for the following:

  • Develops and implements the organization’s risk management program in a manner that fulfills the mission and strategic goals of the organization while complying with state and federal laws and accreditation standards related to safety and risk management
  • Procures and maintains liability, property, and other appropriate insurance and self-insured programs
  • Develops and implements systems, policies, and procedures for the identification, collection, and analysis-of-risk related information
  • Educates and trains the leadership, staff, and business associates as to the risk management program, and their respective responsibilities in carrying out the risk management program
  • Leads, facilitates, and advises departments in designing risk management programs within their own departments
  • Collects, evaluates, and maintains data concerning patient injuries, claims, worker’s compensation, and other risk-related data
  • Investigates and analyzes root causes, patterns, or trends that could result in compensatory or sentinel events
  • Helps to identify and implement corrective action where appropriate
  • Serves as the organization’s liaison to the insurance carrier
  • Assists in processing summons and claims against the facility by working with the General Counsel to coordinate the investigation, processing, and defense of claims against the organization
  • Actively participates in or facilitates committees related to risk management, safety, and quality improvement