Welcome from Chancellor Gilkerson

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Dr. Tammeil Gilkerson is the Chancellor of the Peralta Community College District, effective January 4, 2024. Dr. Gilkerson most recently served as the President of Evergreen Valley College in San José, CA, where she has worked since 2020. The Chancellor job represents a return to the Peralta Colleges for Dr. Gilkerson, as she was previously the President of Laney College from 2017 to 2020.

"I call Oakland my home, and my roots run deep in the East Bay. These communities, our communities, hold immense significance for me," Gilkerson affirmed. "Within Peralta, I see a wealth of brilliance and remarkable progress happening at the colleges and across the district. I'm eager to play a role in enhancing a multitude of outstanding programs and services, all guided by a commitment to equity and social justice. I'm deeply honored by the trust the Trustees have placed in me. I pledge to collaborate each day to propel the social and economic transformation of our students and community.”

District Leadership April 2024

From her days as a student leader at UC Berkeley to her direct work advancing economic opportunity and empowerment for communities of color, Dr. Tammeil Gilkerson has demonstrated a life-long commitment to social justice, equity, and inclusion that is so important in the richly diverse East Bay. With nearly two decades of experience in community college education, Dr. Gilkerson has been committed to addressing the diverse educational needs of students. She continually explores innovative ways to create learning environments and services that promote student success.

In addition to her chief executive roles at Evergreen Valley and Laney, Dr. Gilkerson also served as Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs at Contra Costa College, and as the inaugural Diversity, Inclusion, and Innovation Officer for the Contra Costa Community College District. Her contributions extend to positions as Vice President of Academic Affairs at San José City College and Dean of Counseling and Matriculation at Evergreen Valley College. Her journey began as a faculty member in psychology counseling at Chabot College.