Purpose and Goals

The information gathered during the program review process provides the basis for informed decision-making in the Peralta Community College District. Comprehensive Instructional Program Review is a systematic process for the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data concerning a program or department and its curriculum. It provides program and/or departmental accountability by collecting, analyzing and disseminating information that will inform integrated planning, resource allocation, and decision-making processes.

The primary goals are to:

  • Ensure quality and excellence of academic programs.
  • Provide a standardized methodology for review of instructional areas.
  • Provide a mechanism for demonstrating continuous quality improvement, producing a foundation for action.
  • Identify effective and exemplary practices.
  • Strengthen planning and decision-making based upon current data.
  • Identify resource needs.
  • Develop recommendations and strategies concerning future directions and provide evidence supporting plans for the future, within the department, at the college and at the District level.
  • Inform integrated planning at all levels within the College and the District.
  • Ensure that educational programs reflect student needs, encourage student success, and improve teaching and learning.

2020-2021 Word Templates: Program Review and Annual Program Update

Instructional Program Review
Student Services Area Program Review
Career Education Program Review
Administrative Unit Program Review Template
2020-2021 Annual Program Update Template

Data Dashboards for PR/APUs

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Course Completion and Retention Rates Dashboard – InstructionCourse Completion and Retention Rates Dashboard – Student ServicesEnrollment Trend and Productivity DashboardDegrees and Certificates Dashboard

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Course Completion and Retention Rates Dashboard – Instruction (Internal only)Course Completion and Retention Rates Dashboard – Student Services (Internal only)Enrollment Trend and Productivity Dashboard (Internal only)Degrees and Certificates Dashboard (Internal only)

Program Review Surveys

Program Review Task Force Summary Report
Program Review User Survey Results Summary Report