Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

During the course of employment, some employees will be required to operate a Peralta CCD-owned vehicle daily, while other employees will need to use a vehicle periodically. Before operating a Peralta CCD-owned vehicle an “Authorization for Release of Driver Record” is required to be filled out and submitted to the Office of Risk Management for processing and approval.

  1. Fill out “Authorization for Release of Driver Record.”
  2. Submit to: for processing.
  3. Office of Risk Management will contact you with the results within a week.
  4. District vehicle requests are processed through the Department of General Services (DGS)

Auto Accident in a Peralta Vehicle

  1. If you are in an accident in a Peralta-owned vehicle, fill out Vehicle Accident Report (see below), with photos of the accident and forward it to the Office of Risk Management.
  2. Refer to the General Liability Process for complete details.

Suggested Online Training

  1. Defensive Driving
  2. Utility Cart Safety

Forms and Documents