Office of Risk Management provides in-person and online training with topics covering Occupational Safety and Health issues. In-person training is open to all employees.

  1. The in-person training lasts two (2) hours long.
  2. Please see attached schedule for classes being offered. (Schedule is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances)
  3. Throughout the year Risk Management schedules specialty training including but not limited to: First Aid, Forklift, and Utility Cart.
    1. Notification of the training will be sent via announcements.
  4. Online training consists of an eight (8) minute to two (2) hour training with a Certificate of Completion.
    1. Copies of the Certificate of Completion should be submitted to the Human Resources department.
  5. If you are not able to access the online training, please contact: Carrie Burdick at

Mandatory Classes

  1. The Department of Fair Employment and Housing requires employees to be trained in Sexual Harassment and Abusive Conduct every two (2) years.

    1. One (1) hour of training for non-supervisory positions

    2. Two (2) hours of training for supervisory positions.

  2. Education Code 44691 requires that Mandated Reporter training is provided annually.

  3. Code of Federal Regulations 40 CFR 262.17 requires that facility personnel take part in an annual review of initial training if a Generator of Hazardous Waste.

Forms and Documents

In-person Training Schedule

Annual Suggested Department Training