Reasonable Accommodation

It is the policy of the Peralta Community College District to provide equal employment opportunities to qualified individuals with disabilities consistent with its obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA).  When an applicant, such as you, requests reasonable accommodation, the District requires documentation of your need for, and entitlement to, reasonable accommodation.  Documentation may be required concerning both your status as an individual with a disability and your functional limitations.

The District's requirement that you submit information pertaining to your request for reasonable accommodation on this form should not be construed as a guarantee or promise on the part of the District to accommodate your particular request.  Even if you are able to show that you are a qualified individual with a disability as defined under the ADA and FEHA, the District is not obligated to provide the particular form of accommodation that you request nor provide any form of accommodation that would be unreasonable or impose an undue hardship on the District.

To request reasonable accommodation:

  1. Provide current doctor's note.
  2. Provide job description.
  3. Send to: