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Country: Zimbabwe
College: Merritt College
Path After Peralta Colleges: Morehouse College

I came to the U.S. to get a more global experience and see something different. At Merritt College, my academic advisor provided me with great support and everyone on campus, from the Vice President to faculty and staff, was always willing to listen. I got involved on campus and was a part of the African Student Association.

Since I had taken a couple of years off between high school and college, it was difficult to adjust – and I was in a new country. In high school, we had to polish our shoes, wear a tie and blazer, and say good morning to our teachers every day. Luckily, I knew English and I remained focused. There are thousands of kids in Zimbabwe that would love to have this opportunity and I have to take advantage of it.

After completing my coursework at Merritt, I chose to transfer to Morehouse College, which is one of the best historically black colleges due to its reputation. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Spike Lee, and Robert Massey are among their more prominent graduates. After I earn a Business Degree, I plan to apply to graduate school and earn an MBA.