Welcome to the Peralty Community College District Interal Audit Webpage.


The mission of the Internal Audit Department is to provide the district and college organizations with objective assurance and advisory services that will improve and strengthen its financial and operational practices that support the attainment of Peralta Community College District’s core mission.


The Internal Audit Department’s purpose is helping the district and colleges improve its operational performance through Accountability, Control, Transparency, and Efficiency (ACTE).  Our audit activities and advisories are designed to strengthen and promote the use of sound business practices within a continuous improvement framework.  Engagement performed will adhere to standards set forth by the U.S. Governmental Accountability Office.

Internal control helps an entity run its operations efficiently and effectively, report reliable information about its operations, and comply with applicable laws and regulations. The Green Book sets the standards for an effective internal control system for federal agencies.  The Yellow Book provides a framework for conducting high-quality audits with competence, integrity, objectivity, and independence.


Internal Audit Department’s objecive is to help PCCD attain the following goals:

  1. Prudent use of scarce resources.
  2. Effective & efficient operations districtwide.
  3. Information and business systems with effective internal controls.
  4. Accurate financial and operational records for management decision-making purposes and external reporting.
  5. Safeguarding of district assets against potential loss, waste, and fraud.
  6. Adherence with the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO) Framework.  
  7. Adherence with U.S. GAO internal control standards and Federal Uniform Guidance in all district and colleges business operations.