Welcome to Finance & Administration 2023-24 Budget Process Focus Group site. This site is intended to be a source of budget-related data and information and a vehicle for providing feedback and input that may help shape the development of a 2023-2024 Budget Process recommendation to the Chancellor that reflects PCCD’s values and fiscal constraints.

The primary goal of the Budget Process Focus Groups is to obtain information and suggestions regarding what would make for an effective, fair, and collaborative budget process for PCCD from our various stakeholders. Hence, we seek input from students, faculty, staff, and administrators. Together, we will create a practical, data-driven, and fair Budget Process that prioritizes student success and the long-term fiscal health and stability of the District.

About This Website

The website includes a link to various budgeting information and resources as well as feedback/input form. All information provided via the website will not be attributed to the submitter. All ideas and suggestions are welcomed but may or may not be incorporated into the recommendation that is developed. Thank you!

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