Peralta Community College District

Board Policy

Board Policies are statements or intent/guidelines which are adopted by the Board of Trustees to be used by the administration in the development and implementation of regulations and procedures for operating the District. The Board is the ultimate decision maker in those areas assigned to it by state and federal laws and regulations.

District Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedures are issued by the Chancellor as statements of regulations, rules, and practices to be used in implementing Board Policy. Administrative Procedures are consistent with the intent of Board Policy. Administrative Procedures are revised as deemed necessary by the Chancellor.

The Peralta Community College District uses the Board Policy and Administrative Procedure Service provided by the Community College League of California. CCLC provides updates biannually (in Fall and Spring) in order to ensure that board policies and administrative procedures reflect recent revisions in federal/state statutes and regulations as well as accreditation standards to ensure the board policies and administrative procedures remain current. The District also regularly reviews board policies and administrative procedures in order to make any needed local updates.

Updated Policy and Procedure Tracking Matrix

Table of Contents

Board Policies

2000 Board of Trustees

3000 General Institution

District Administrative Procedures

1000 The District


3000 General Institution

4000 Academic Affairs

5000 Student Services

6000 Business and Fiscal Affairs

7000 Human Resources