During the spring 2021 semester, Cambridge West Partnership, LLC under the direction of Dr. Deborah Ludford completed a Data Integrity Report for the PCCD. The purpose of the report was, designed to assist PCCD with examining the integrity of the data currently collected for reporting and reviewing the related processes used to optimize student success and the alignment of the MIS reporting with the Student-Centered Funding Formula. The recommendations from the report include revising and, in some cases, developing processes in A&R, Financial Aid, Categorical programs, and other areas. This project is deemed a priority project due to its potential impact on future funding.

To date, the following has occurred:

  • Review of the recommendations to prioritize projects
  • Priority implementation of Financial Aid recommendations
  • Organization of the recommendations to assign responsibility
  • Establishing a timeline for implementation
  • Establishing a permanent district-wide Data Integrity Committee
  • Contracting with Cambridge West for FY 2022 to assist in implementation planning and training of staff

Next Steps for AY 2021-2022

  • Data Collection Process Re-Engineering & Training
  • Review with appropriate staff the findings and recommendations from Data Integrity Project
  • Revise process and data maps as warranted based on re-engineering outcomes
  • Develop training materials/presentations for a training session for each area including training on the use of the documents, data input requirements, and impact/outcomes of the processes
  • Conduct 4-hour training sessions (face-to-face or online) for each of the areas

PCCD Data Integrity Project Final Report