Before requesting customized research or data, please be sure to review the data dashboards available on this website or within the Power BI app. Many common questions may be addressed within these tools.

Directions on how to submit a request (District Office)

Peralta Affiliates:

Please make all research and data requests via the Peralta Help Desk. Choose Research Request as the request type.


External Data Requests and Requests to Conduct Research:



Peralta External Research Application Submission Process

The external research review procedures are designed to assist external investigators (i.e., doctoral and master's degree students and research agencies) with submitting requests for research and information involving Peralta Community College District students and employees.

The following provides an overview of the PCCD procedures and guidelines for Human Subjects research.

1. All research involving or pertaining to students or employees conducted by individuals or groups outside of the Peralta Community College District (PCCD) is subject to PCCD external research review regardless of status (exempt or expedited) or approval by an Institutional Review Board from another institution or agency. No proposals will be reviewed prior to IRB approval from the investigator's institution or agency

2. PCCD employees who are seeking to conduct research and/or use existing data and information for publication or public presentation purposes (e.g., doctoral dissertations or master's degree thesis) are considered external investigators and must go through the PCCD external research review process in order to gain approval prior to conducting research. PCCD employees should not access data or information for their research even though the access may be available through the employee's work responsibility.

3. All external investigators must submit the following: