The Peralta District IT Department has adopted Microsoft Office 365 and its related applications as the new IT standard for the District and all of the Peralta Colleges.  Institutional Research has created the following Power BI Data Dashboards to view below.

Course Enrollment, FTES, FTEF Summary Report

Course Completion and Retention Rates – Instructional

Course Completion and Retention Rates – Student Services

College Enrollment Dashboard (Source:OUSD)

Daily Enrollment Summary Dashboard

Degrees and Certificates Dashboard

Dual Enrollment FTES, FTEF Summary Dashboard

Dual Enrollment Demographics Dashboard (Source:OUSD)

Enrollment Trend and Productivity Report

Equity Dashboard

Noncredit FTES, FTEF Summary Dashboard

Peralta Online Scheduling Tool (POST) Dashboard

Persistence Dashboard

Transfer Data Dashboard

Student Demographics Dashboard

Student Right-To-Know

If you require additional access to download the data, submit a Peralta Help Desk ticket or email researchrequest@peralta.edu and ask for a Power Bi license and access to the particular dashboard.

Internal Links (For Peralta Faculty and Staff only and login is required):

Course Completion and Retention Rates Dashboard – Instruction (Internal only)Course Completion and Retention Rates Dashboard – Student Services (Internal only)Enrollment Trend and Productivity Dashboard (Internal only)Degrees and Certificates Dashboard (Internal only)


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Successful Completion Rate for a Class

Number of course completions with grade A, B, C or Pass divided by Total number of course completions:  Successful Completion / Course Completion

Course completions = A, B, C, D, F, I, W, Pass, No Pass, In Progress, Report Delayed.

Unduplicated student head count by department (CD snapshot)

The student is counted only once in the subject (department) at that college for the specified term.

WSCH – Weekly student contact hours

WSCH for a class is the number of class contact hours a class is scheduled to meet per week times the number of students in the class.

A “full load” for a student is considered to be 15 WSCH for two semesters, or 30 WSCH.