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Country: South Korea
College: Merritt College
Major: Nursing

Hello, I’m Eun Ji, a senior nursing student. I came to Peralta Colleges via the SY academy in 2014. When I first came here, I did not expect what I want to become. Peralta College made me find my career goal and prepared me to transfer out successfully. During my pre-nursing at Peralta, I attended all four campuses and worked at three campuses. Peralta has diversity and inclusion. It is such a perfect place to build up your network and seek opportunities. Although it had not been a smooth journey as a foreign student, all my concerns and questions have been listened to and fairly well responded to by the amazing Office of International Education team. I would like to say thank you to team OIE again! 

Throughout my academic and work experiences at Peralta, I have become absolutely confident in everywhere I go. Regardless of the mistakes I made, the positivity and adaptability I learned from Peralta made me not be afraid of failure. I’m currently placed in the Emergency Department for preceptorship in the nursing program while actively working as a student officer and as a tutor. The most important advice I can give to my fellow international students is to be proactive and not to be afraid of failure. There are countless opportunities waiting just for you. Also remember, the team OIE will always be there for you. I hope you all can fulfill your dream at Peralta Colleges!