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Country: Canada
College: Berkeley City College
Major: Multimedia Art, Animation
Path After Peralta Colleges: Academy of Art University, M.A. in Graphic Design

Through attending Peralta Colleges, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of amazing people from all over the world, including people who I now call my close friends. Also, the teachers in my department (Animation) were incredibly helpful and encouraging throughout my education, as well as the Office of International Education!

I completed Animation I and II Certificates to get to Graphic Designer. With the support of my teachers and the Office of International Education, I am now in Graduate school at AAU completing an MA in Graphic Design. 

My two years at Peralta were valuable because they helped me confirm my career path as a Graphic Designer and gave me the resources and confidence I needed to pursue that goal through support from my teachers, OIE, and friends at the College.