Youcef Ramzi Toumi

Youcef Ramzi Toumi picture


College: Laney College
Major: Computer Information Systems IT
Country: Algeria

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Answering general inquiries and questions
  • Assisting prospective students with applications
  • Supporting office team members
  • Responding to calls, emails, and inquiries

Languages spoken other than English: Arabic, Berber, and French


Peer Advisor

Youcef Ramzi Toumi


Youcef is a Computer Science IT student from Algeria who speaks four languages fluently: English, French, Arabic, and BerberHe moved to the US in July 2022, after having studied two years of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sciences and Technology, Haouary Boumediene, Algeria. In the US, he's hoping to learn more about tech, culture, learn more languages, practice more sports, and discover the Bay Area and the USA.