Meet our Peer Advisors



Would you like to connect with one of our Peer Advisors to learn more about their experience at Peralta Colleges or do you need help with navigating the international student application?


Maialen Murua
College: Berkeley City college
Major: Sociology
Country: Spain
Languages Spoken Other than English: Spanish, Basque, and French
Meet with Maialen


Chae Won (Clare) Moon
College: Berkley City College
Major: Art History
Country: South Korea
Languages Spoken Other than English: Korean
Meet With Chae Won


Juliana Lima
College: Berkeley City College
Major: Computer Information System
Country: Brazil
Languages Spoken Other than English: Portuguese
Meet with Juliana


Are you interested in becoming a Peer Advisor for the Office of International Education? If you have been a full-time Peralta student for at least one semester, please send your resume to us at