construction imagePursuant to Public Contract Code sections 20101 and 206051.5, only prequalified bidders will be eligible to submit a bid for Peralta Community College District public works projects.  Any bid submitted by a bidder who is not prequalified shall be non-responsive and returned unopened to the bidder.

Contractors must submit applications for prequalification at least 10 business days prior to a bid opening or be prequalified at least five business days prior to a bid opening date.

Peralta Community College District has contracted with Colbi Technologies to provide a web-based process for prequalification called Quality Bidders. To get started, please Click here to sign up.

Please contact Brian Slaughter for questions at You may also contact or call 714-505-9544 with any questions about the use of the Quality Bidders web-based tool.

Thank you for your interest in prequalifying and working with Peralta Community College District.