For FDIP Members

Applicants who have been accepted into a given year’s cohort are considered Members of FDIP.
All Members of FDIP will attend trainings and workshops in order to
  • Develop a FDIP Portfolio to demonstrate your knowledge and experience.
  • Learn strategies and approaches to encourage learning and to promote retention of students.
  • Acquire an understanding of college governance, including policies and procedures.
  • Prepare a syllabus for a course, according to college standards.
  • Visit classes and build a professional network that will help you navigate community college systems.

Some FDIP participants may serve as tutors or teaching assistants, but they are still considered Members. FDIP Members should make sure their Minimum Qualifications match the disciplines in which they would like to teach, or that they have a full-time faculty member sponsor their efforts to meet equivalency (Equivalency Application). Note: In Peralta, many Equivalency Applications are denied, so please make sure you have a good case and prepare your paperwork. 

For FDIP Participants

Members of FDIP who do not have formal (paid/contract) teaching, counseling, or librarian placements may be Participants in an informal mentorship relationship with a faculty member in the Peralta District.
Participants of FDIP may collaborate with a faculty member in order to
  • observe classes, give a teaching demonstration, or job shadow
  • gain feedback on portfolio materials
  • learn about employment opportunities in their field
  • practice interviewing for a full-time position
This is an important learning activity. Participation in informal mentorships do not always lead to internships, so FDIP Participants should continue to focus on being open to learning and developing their portfolio and craft.

For FDIP Interns

FDIP Members who receive a formal (paid, contracted) instructional, counseling, or librarian appointment are considered Interns. Internship placements are made available based on a number of factors, including enrollment, department need, and participant readiness. Few FDIP Members accepted into the program will receive internships during their cohort year, but all Members should be prepared for an opportunity to do so after successfully completing the program.
FDIP Interns will
  • Gain hands-on experience teaching in an ethnically diverse community college system.
  • Share knowledge and skills in a professional setting under the supervision of an experienced faculty member.
  • Work closely and meet regularly with a Faculty Mentor.
  • Participate in department meetings unless hours conflict with an intern’s graduate class schedule and/or work commitments.
  • Have the opportunity to enter the Preferred Hiring Pool, contingent upon their evaluation rating and completion of the program.
Interns are eligible to teach for up to four semesters while completing their MA.