Spring 2024 Peralta EasyPass
Valid from January 15, 2024 - August 26, 2024

Peralta Colleges EasyPass is your ticket to transit throughout the East Bay. All Spring Peralta Students taking 6 or more units are entitled to an EasyPass which will take them anywhere AC Transit goes, anytime, including AC Transit Transbay Service. For more info click below or view one of AC Transits Fliers.

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How do I qualify for an EasyPass?

Peralta students qualify if they complete the following:

  1. Enroll in 6 units or more
  2. If you drop under 6 units, you will no longer qualify for Easy Pass and your card will be deactivated
  3. Must pay $46.46 AC Transit Easy Pass fee
  4. Must have a Peralta student ID card
Rules for EasyPass Riders


  1. EasyPass is valid only for the person identified on the card, the pass is not transferrable and will be revoked if used by someone else.
  2. A fine of up to $250 and/or community service can be imposed for misuse of this pass with the intent to evade the payment of fares (California Penal Code 640).
  3. The card must be presented to AC transit personnel for inspection if requested.
  4. A student who fails to pick up their EasyPss at the Cashiers Office after one academic year must order a replacement card from Clipper Customer Service and pay a $5 replacement fee
What to do if your card is lost, stolen, or damaged

Lost/Stolen cards contact Clipper Customer Service at 877-878-8883

  • Have your student id number available to provide the customer service agent
  • Pay $3.00 for the replacement card via debit or credit
  • Confirm address. Your card will be sent via US mail to your address on file.
Why do I have to pay the AC Transit Fee?

Proposition A, which passed in May 2016 and was reinstated during the 2022 student elections, requires all Peralta students carryings six or more units to pay an AC Transit EasyPass bus pass fee of $46.46, thereby making them eligible to receive an AC Transit EasyPass bus pass. With EasyPass you can ride all AC Transit bus lines, including local and Transbay services at all times.

Please note: if you drop below six units, you can receive a refund on the last day to drop regular session classes. See deadline dates in the Academic Calendar.

When and Where can I pick up my EasyPass?


For New Students, if you pay two weeks before the first day of the Fall/Spring semester, you will receive your EasyPass one week before classes begin, However, if you pay on or after the first day of the Fall/Spring semester, you will need to wait 10 business days to receive your EasyPass.

Continuing Students are automatically uploaded the same within 10 business days.


The AC Transit EasyPass can be picked up for the Cashiers office at your home campus.

Contact for issues with EasyPass

If your Easy Pass is not working and you currently have at least 6+ units please contact or call (510) 466-7371