Ready to take an online class?

What does it mean to be "ready" to take an online class? While online classes may seem like less work, they're not! Regardless of the topic, they require self-direction, academic and technical skills, and more.

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What does the Peralta Distance Education (DE) website provide for students?

This site has links to valuable information, tutorials, and resources related to using online tools like Canvas, and taking hybrid & online courses at the four Peralta Colleges.

Why does the Peralta DE site have a section for students?

Successfully completing an online course requires you to practice good study habits and take responsibility for doing work on time, as well as have access to and learn to use the technology. Peralta CCD wants you to have the right skills and tools to succeed!

How do you use the Peralta DE resources for students?

Select the links below to learn more about Canvas resources, how to use your email, and enroll in classes.