What is the Peralta Online Equity Training?

The Peralta Equity Training is a professional development course. The Peralta DE Team created 8 training modules–one to address each rubric criterion–that follow the same pattern:

  • Learn: Review what each criterion is, why it matters, and how to address it.
  • Analyze: Explore a sample course element to determine which equity rubric criteria it addresses and to discuss how to make it better.
  • Build: Create your own materials, activities, or course elements to address equity issues in your own courses.

Why did the district create this Equity Training?

After creating the Peralta Equity Rubric, the district needed a way to help faculty to (re)design courses so that they align with the eight equity rubric criteria. A Peralta DE Team member facilitates the training to cohorts of faculty who give each other feedback and encouragement.

How do you learn more about the Peralta Online Equity Training?

You may download the Online Equity Training course from the Canvas Commons, either from your campus implementation or the Instructure Canvas Commons site. (NOTE: Enter the keyword ‘equity’ in  the Canvas Commons search box.)

If you have comments or questions about the Equity Training, contact equity@peralta.edu

Peralta Online Equity Training Sign Up

The Peralta Online Equity Training (OET) is an opportunity for faculty to learn and apply the award-winning Peralta Online Equity Rubric. This online professional development training course is FREE, five weeks in duration, and all content is offered asynchronously (no mandatory meetings). All faculty need for the course is 5 hours a week, the internet, a device, and access to Canvas.

Contact equity@peralta.edu and your campus Distance Education Coordinator for upcoming sessions.

Online Equity Training – Template

The Online Equity Training is shared with a Creative Commons – Attribution (CC BY) license–you may use it individually or to provide professional development at your institution.