The following is a list of crimes, the conviction of which precludes a person from holding public office in the State of California. Conviction of these crimes renders a person “forever disqualified from holding any office in this state.”
  • Bribing executive officer (Penal Code §67)
  • Officer asking or receiving bribes (Penal Code §§ 68,88)
  • Receiving gratuity for appointment to office (Penal Code §74)
  • A judicial officer who has asked for or received emoluments, gratuities, rewards, or the fee of a stenographer (Penal Code §94)
  • Giving or offering bribes to councilman or supervisor (Penal Code §165)
  • Misappropriation of public funds (Penal Code §424)
  • Interference with work or discipline of, or giving certain articles to prisoners (Penal Code §2772)
  • Interference with or giving certain articles to convicts (Penal Code §2790)
  • Officer making contracts in which they are interested (Government Code §1097)
  • Members of the Legislature convicted of any crime (Government Code §9055)
  • Corrupting the voting process (Elections Code §18501)
  • Convicted of a felony involving accepting, giving, or offering of any bribe, embezzlement or theft of public funds, extortion, perjury, or conspiracy to commit any such crime, except if a pardon has been granted in accordance with law (Elections Code §20)
Please note that in addition to the above restrictions, Government Code §1126 prohibits any local agency official from engaging “in any employment, activity, or enterprise for compensation that is inconsistent, incompatible, in conflict with, or inimical to his or her duties as a local agency officer or the duties, functions, or responsibilities of his or her appointing power or the agency by which they are employed.”