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Open Enrollment For This Plan Period for FSA is from May 6th, 2024 through June 7th , 2024. The Plan is Effective from October 1st through September 30th

Set Aside Healthcare Dollars For The Coming Year

A healthcare FSA allows you to set aside tax-free money to pay for healthcare expenses you expect to have over the coming year. This program is administered through Navia and must be elected via BenefitBridge.

How Navia’s FSA Works

You estimate what you and your family’s out-of-pocket costs will be for the coming year. Think about what out-of-pocket costs you expect to have for eligible expenses such as office visits, surgery, dental and vision expenses, prescriptions, even eligible drugstore items.

You can contribute up to $3,200, the 2024 annual limit set by the IRS. Contributions are deducted from your pay pre-tax, meaning no federal or state tax on that amount.

During the year, you can use your FSA debit card to pay for services and products. Withdrawals are tax-free as long as they’re for eligible healthcare expenses.

Expenses must be incurred between 10/01/2024 and 09/30/2025 (2 ½ month “grace period” after the end of the plan year to incur claims) and claims must be submitted for reimbursement no later than 12/31/2025. If you don’t spend all the money in your account, you forfeit the leftover balance.

Elections cannot be changed during the plan year unless you experience a qualifying event.

You must re-enroll in this program each year.

Navia Benefit Solutions is the current administrator of our Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Commuter benefits.

The Commuter account balances will continue the carryover feature as it has in the past.

The maximum amount that you can contribute is:

  • $3,200 for healthcare/medical FSA
  • $5,000 (per household) for dependent care FSA
  • $315 each for commuter benefits (transit and parking)
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Voya Voluntary Life & AD&D

Peralta Community College District has transitioned its Voluntary Life & Accident and Dismemberment (AD&D) plans from Cigna to Voya effective July 1, 2021. Voya is the current carrier of our District-paid Basic Life and AD&D.

TSA Consulting Group, Inc. (TSACG)

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403(b) & 457(b) Plan Administration Provider

Click here for Current 403(b) Plan and 457(b) Plan Contribution Plan Limits

* You will be taken to the TSACG website to download the “Meaningful Notice / Plan Summary Information”.

Tax-deferred 403(b) & 457(b) Plan Documents

Peralta Community College District CA 457(b) Plan Document
Peralta Community College District CA 403(b) Plan Document

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TSA Consulting Group, Inc. (TSACG) – Key Contact List
403(b) & 457(B) Plan Information for Employees & Advisors link (context below)
Locating a SRA form
Transaction Routing Form

MidAmerica is the current vendor of the Accumulation Program for-Part Time and Limited-Service Employees  (APPLE) Plan. For concerns regarding the APPLE contributions, contact MidAmerica at 800 430 7999.