The Vision Resource Center is an online hub for professional development and collaboration for the California Community College system. The Vision Resource Center has over 10,000 learning modules (on many topics), has information about the Vision for Success initiative, and hosts webinars from the State Chancellor’s Office. Additionally, many community colleges use the Vision Resource Center as a platform for collaborating and networking with other colleges.

The Peralta Community College District is in the process of integrating the Vision Resource Center (VRC), so that employees will be able to access their VRC account within the Peralta Portal, and will “land” at their college’s unique Vision Resource Center page. Each college, and the district office, will be able to use the VCR to host professional development events, curate important and historic trainings, access state-wide webinars, and also “assign” trainings to specific employees. Additionally, integration means that participation within the VRC can be demonstrated on a VRC “transcript” of professional development activities.

If you already have a Vision Resource Center account with your Peralta email address, that account will be transitioned into PCCD’s VRC system once the integration is complete. 

If you do not yet have a Vision Resource Center account, feel free to set one up now and explore the system; your account will transition into PCCD’s system once the integration is complete. 

Go to the Vision Resource Center

For more information, contact Chelsea Cohen and Marla Leech at