The Planning and Budgeting Council (PBC) receives and reviews recommendations that have been forwarded from the PBIM committees and makes final recommendations to the District Participatory Governance Council. Recommendations include educational and resource priorities, Board Policies and Administrative Procedures, and new initiatives.


The Charge

The PBC will:

  1. Affirm consistency with strategic and educational plans
  2. Recommend a coordinated, district-wide planning approach
  3. Recommend prioritization of plans across subject areas and the four Colleges
  4. Identify funding approaches to support priorities
  5. Provide oversight on the implementation of the Strategic Plan
  6. Track recommendations and determine whether the recommendations are implemented including any modifications, or if the recommendations are not implemented, the reasons for not being implemented
  7. Ensure accountability in district-wide planning by determining whether the agreed-upon steps in the process were followed
  8. Make recommendations to the District Participatory Governance Council and to the Chancellor for alternative uses of unrestricted revenue

Membership (as of March 1, 2021)

Adil Ahmed, Co-Chair, Interim Vice Chancellor of Finance & Admin.

Thomas Renbarger, Co-Chair, Merritt Academic Senate President

Donald Moore, DAS President

Matthew Freeman, Faculty, BCC

Jennifer Shanoski, PFT President

Scott Barringer, Local 39 Representative

Kawanna S. Rollins, SEIU Representative

Tami Taylor, Interim Budget Director

Dr. Nathaniel Jones, III, President, College of Alameda

Tina Vasconcellos, Vice President of Student Services, COA

Aurelie Sciaroni, Student Representative

Helen Ku, Institutional Research Designee

(Vacant), Classified Senate President

David M. Johnson, President, Merritt College

Richard Ferreira, Executive Assistant, District, Notetaker

Joan Davis, Staff Assistant, District, Notetaker