The Enrollment Management Committee ensures that each College has in place an effective plan for recruiting, expanding, and maintaining its student enrollment, as well as advising the four Colleges on issues of class scheduling. The Committee will work with each College and PBIM committee to develop and implement each College’s Enrollment Management Plan. This committee will assure the broad dissemination of information to constituent groups. Specifically, the District Enrollment Management Committee will:

  1. Support collaborative activities that ensure student success in the spirit of “Moving In, to Moving Through, and Moving On;”
  2. Review existing marketing and outreach plans and projects from all four Colleges and recommend changes, as needed;
  3. Develop short-term and long-term enrollment management goals;
  4. Conduct research and continuously evaluate data related to effective enrollment management;
  5. Clarify the delineation of functions and roles and responsibilities pertaining to enrollment between the District Office and the four Colleges; and,
  6. Identify issues requiring follow-up and/or referral within PBIM.