Technical Support:

For the fastest service, submit your request using our online helpdesk system. Submitting a ticket is fast and easy, and helps us serve you faster!

You can also contact us by email or phone.

Email :
Phone : 510-587-7800
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Our Team:

Name/Role Contact Information
Helpdesk Support
 Max Voong/Help Desk Support Technician I  (510) 587-7846
Terry Watson/Help Desk Support Technician I (510) 587-7891
Chief of Technology & Information System Officer
 Antoine  Mehouelley/ (CTIO) (510) 587-7871
Administrative Support
Violeta de Leon/Staff Assistant (510) 587-7856
Hayat Guessoum/Project Manager/IT Budget (510) 587-7849
Network System Administrator 
 Chi Au/Sr. Network and Systems Administrator (510) 587-7858
 Abigail Brewer/ Sr. Network Systems Administrator (510) 566-7335
 Jonathan Olkowski/Sr. Network Systems Administrator (510) 466-7323
 Kit Hui/Sr. Network Systems Administrator (510) 566-7319
Daniel Park/District Telecommunication System Administrator (510) 587-7850
Enterprise Services PeopleSoft
Chiranjeevi Adusumalli/Sr. Applications Software Programmer/Analyst (510) 466-7266
Frank Chez/Sr. Applications Software Programmer/Analyst (510) 587-7862
Roderick Fajarda/Sr. Applications Software Programmer/Analyst (510) 587-7863
Teri Antonio/Enterprise Business Analyst (510) 466-7248