Classes can be added and dropped online through Campus Solutions,
or in-person with Add Cards and Drop Cards.

Reminder – Check your schedule to make sure you are enrolled in the correct classes. It is the responsibility of the student to drop classes if they do not plan on attending. Fee refunds will not be granted if you do not attend classes.

To view a PDF guide click here

To Add a Class: 

Use Campus Solutions
(if you do not remember your password, select reset my password. You will receive a notification within 24 hours. For additional help with Campus Solutions, go HERE).

Register with the Add Card online at any campus A&R office.

If the class is closed:

  1. Add your name to the waitlist in Campus Solutions prior to the first day of classes.
  2. If a space becomes available, you will automatically be added to the course. So, continue to check your enrollment status until after the first day of classes. If you are added from the waitlist, you are responsible for payment and fees. If you are no longer interested in the class, please drop the course via Campus Solutions or in the campus A&R office.
  3. Some instructors will issue permission numbers for their courses during the first week of classes. If you receive a permission number, register immediately in the campus A&R office and pay your tuition and fees. Permission Number and Waitlist FAQ

Check the Academic Calendar for registration deadlines and the last day to add classes, drop and change your grading option.


To Drop a Class:

Drops or withdrawals from courses are not an automatic process.  It is the responsibility of the student to drop the classes that they are not attending. Failure to drop may result in the student owing tuition and fees, receiving substandard grades, and losing eligibility for financial aid.

  1. Use Campus Solutions (go to your Student Center, select the class, and complete the drop process).
  2. Drop with the Drop Card, in person at any campus A&R office.

Please refer to the Academic Calendar for deadline dates for dropping classes with a refund, no grade, or a grade of W.


Before Census: Dropping courses before the census date (last day to drop classes and will receive a refund) will automatically issue a refund to your account and the class will not appear on the student’s academic record.

After Census: Dropping courses after the census date and the last day to receive a grade of a W (see academic calendar) will result in a “W” withdrawal being recorded on the student’s academic record.

If the student fails to drop the class the faculty may assign a grade of FW (failure to withdraw) on the student’s record.

Complete Withdrawal

A withdrawal by the student, the instructor, or A&R staff results in no enrollment for the term.

The official student withdrawal date of record will be the date that the last course is dropped.

The student may be reinstated from withdrawal status after enrollment in courses within two semesters. If two semesters have passed since enrollment, the student will be required to complete a new application for admissions. To apply go to Apply & Enroll

Please refer to the Academic Calendar for deadline dates for dropping classes with a refund, no grade, or a grade of W.