Important Documents

Why should you lead a Study Abroad program?

  1. Improves student learning by integrating knowledge with real-life experiences
  2. Creates a lasting learning experience for everyone
  3. Promotes the Colleges and their programs on a global level
  4. Students and faculty develop a greater appreciation for other cultures and become more globally aware

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Proposals should be approved and submitted to the Office of International Education 1-year prior to the trip in order to allow enough time for promotion and success for your trip!

Please review Current Travel Warnings when selecting your country: Department of State Center for Disease Control and Prevention


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Refund Policies
  1. Faculty leaders will work with the Office of International Education and/or third-party providers to establish specific and clear refund policies to distribute to students.
  2. Initial deposits for study abroad programs may be non-refundable. Additional payments made after the initial deposit will have separate refund policies listed on the program brochure or study abroad website.
  3. Students will be required to sign the "Study Abroad Payment/Refund Terms and Conditions" document outlining all refund penalties. These documents shall be submitted electronically to the Office of International Education by the faculty leader.
  4. For programs utilizing a third-party provider, students will need to abide by their refund policies.
REQUIRED Forms Needed from Students
In addition to completing the Pre-Travel Study Abroad Information Form, students will need to read, sign and submit the following documents to in order to be accepted to the program:
  1. Payment/Refund Terms and Conditions
  2. Assumption of Risks
  3. Waiver and Release Agreement
  4. Standards of Student Conduct
  5. Apply to the college and obtain a Student ID (if you do not have one already)
  6. Submit a completed and signed Add Card (It is okay to leave the course code blank if you do not know it)
  7. Submit a copy of your passport (Or ID if you do not have one)

Prior to departure, each student will need to also:

  1. Apply for a Passport (if you do not have one already) or Renew Passport (if not valid for at least 6 months from time of travel)
  2. Make program payments by deadlines
  3. Register and Pay for courses in Student Center
  4. Attend mandatory pre-departure orientations (Dates TBD)
  5. Register with the US Department of Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)
  6. Obtain proper immunizations as listed on the CDC website and check with your physician
Promoting Your Program
  • abroad101
  • Promote the program in own classroom.
  • Connect with various student groups on campus (student clubs, student government, student ambassadors).
  • Create flyers and brochures. Distribute them to counseling office, library and other available locations on campus.
  • Targeted classroom visits.
  • Attend campus and committee meetings to disseminate information.
  • Work with faculty, administration and staff from other colleges.
  • Be creative!

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