Hours of Operation

Hours of Operation: At current staffing levels Physical Plant staff can be reached from 6:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday thru Friday. Emergencies can be handled after hours by calling Peralta Campus Safety Services at: (510) 466-7236.

To Request Services (work orders)

Emergencies: (Fire, hazards to life/health/property, building leaks, gas odors, or other serious emergencies: 

Call (510) 466-7341, and if no reply, call (510) 466-7269

Or after hours for emergencies,
contact Peralta's Campus Safety Services at (510) 466-7236

To request a work order for routine maintenance services

At the Peralta Community College District Academic Buildings, grounds, or to report a non-emergency problem:

  • COLLEGE:   Contact your Business Office. 
  • DISTRICT OFFICE ONLY:  peraltaworkorder@peralta.edu or call (510) 466-7341
    Please submit all Peralta’s District Administration Center (DAC) work orders to the email listed above. You may also use this email address to request work orders for maintenance, custodial, grounds, room reservations, and event setups for the District Office only. It is recommended that you review your work order requests with your immediate supervisor before submitting them and copy them on the email.