The Board approved this updated timeline for the Chancellor Search on Tuesday, April 25. Per the timeline, the Screening Committee will meet in May to make recommendations regarding the Chancellor Profile.


Activity Date Status
Board of Trustees: Hiring Process
Board reviews and discusses Board Policy 2431: Chancellor Selection, timeline, and activities for search process; gives direction to consultants

January 10, 2023

Board Retreat


District Engagement:

  • Chancellor notifies tri-chairs of Participatory Governance Council (PGC) and BP/AP Liaison of impending governance process review of Board proposed changes to BP 2431: Chancellor Selection
  • Chancellor announces impending search process to District community in Flex Day presentation

January 14




January 19


Preparation: Consultants revise BP 2431, timeline based on Board direction January 11-23 Done 
Spring Professional Days
First day of Spring Classes
January 19-20
January 23
Board of Trustees: Hiring Process
  • Board finalizes draft revisions of BP2431: Chancellor Selection for governance process review
  • Board reviews draft search timeline, gives direction to consultants 
  • Board reviews and upholds/modifies Chancellor job description 

January 24

Board Meeting


District Engagement:
PGC reviews and makes recommendations regarding Board revisions to BP2431: Chancellor Selection

January 27 – March 10


Preparation: Timeline and Job Description updated based on Board direction; work with Interim Chancellor, HR, Communications, and IT to draft Chancellor Search Website and Position Profile January 10 - March 10 Done
Chancellor Search Website launched 
February Done
District & Community Engagement:
Marketing department makes announcement to public to solicit community members to serve on Screening Committee (March 8 deadline for application)
February 27-March 8 Done

Board of Trustees: Hiring Process
Board finalizes search Timeline.

Community Engagement:
Board conducts process for selecting community representatives for Screening Committee

March 14, 2023

Board Meeting


Board of Trustees: Hiring Process
PCCD HR reaches out to constituency leaders for Screening Committee representatives (due March 24)

March 15


Spring Break

March 27 – April 2 Done
District Engagement:
Board president updates District community on search progress and distributes District Survey to internal community via email to solicit feedback on priorities for Position Profile.

April 17


Preparation: Survey responses analyzed and District Survey Report prepared April 23-24 Done

Board of Trustees: Search & Hire Process

  • Board reviews District Survey Report and finalizes Chancellor Expectations/ Priorities.
  • Board reviews Screening Committee composition.
  • Board reviews and approves updates to Search Timeline.
April 25
Board Meeting

Preparation for Screening Committee Meeting

  • HR reviews search logistics
  • HR sends materials (Survey Report, draft Position Profile) to Screening Committee
May 1-9 Done

Screening Committee Meeting 1: Orientation & Search Planning
Consultants and HR meet with Screening Committee members

  • Hiring Orientation, Confidentiality, & EEO Training
  • Review Search Process and Committee Meeting/Interview Schedule
  • Review Chancellor Job Description and results of District Survey and Board Expectations
  • Prepare recommendations for Board on Chancellor Job Description and Position Profile
May 10
(12:30-4:30 p.m.)
Board of Trustees: Finalize Chancellor Position Profile
Board (1) reviews search timeline, (2) reviews recommendations from Screening Committee on the Priorities and Leadership Attributes, and (3) finalizes Position Profile to be posted for Chancellor search.
May 23
Board Meeting 

Preparation for Chancellor Position Launch

  • Consultants meet with Communications, IT to update Chancellor Search Website
  • Consultants meet with HR to finalize national outreach and recruiting plan
  • Consultants launch informal recruitment
April 26 – May 31  Done

Final examination week

Memorial Day Holiday

May 21 - 27

May 29


Position OPENS for Applications

  • HR places advertising (regional/national posting)
  • Board President shares public announcement, solicits nominations from college/community
  • Consultants begin formal recruiting outreach – local and national networks and media outlets

June 1


Position CLOSED for Applications

  • Applications should be received by midnight (PST), Monday, July 31, 2023

July 31 (midnight PST)


Preparation for Screening Committee Review of Applicants

  • HR review of applicants for minimum qualifications
  • Consultants meet with HR to prepare screening documents
  • HR sends applicant review materials to Screening Committee

August 1 – 16


Screening Committee Meeting 2: Candidate Application Review Preparation

  • Orientation for committee to rating process and forms
  • Establishment of rating criteria

August 17-18
(virtual meeting)


Screening Committee: Candidate Application Review

Screening Committee members individually review confidential candidate application packets, submit rating by midnight September 5

August 19 – September 5


Fall Professional Days

First week of Fall Classes  

Labor Day Holiday

August 17-18

August 21 – 26

September 4


Preparation: Consultants in conjunction with HR prepare report from candidate application review; prepare materials for Screening Committee Meeting 3

September 6-12


Screening Committee Meeting 3: Candidate Selection & Process for First-Level Interviews

  • Consultants and HR meet with Screening Committee members
  • Select individuals for first-level interviews
  • Finalize interview protocol (questions and process)

September 14
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

(in-person meeting)


Preparation: Consultants, in coordination w/HR, communicate with candidates; establish in-person interview schedules; finalize materials for Screening Committee for interview consistency

September 13 – October 11


Screening Committee Meeting 4: First-Level Interviews & Selection of Semi-Finalists

  • Consultants and HR support Screening Committee activities
  • Screening Committee conducts in-person interviews
  • Committee selects finalists for forums & final interview with Board of Trustees

October 12-13
(in-person interviews)


District & Community Engagement: Notice of Public Forums

  • Board President sends letter to PCCD community to announce finalists and invite participation in public forums
  • Press Release to external community

October 16


Preparation for Public Forums & Final Interviews (Consultants/HR)

  • Establish interview schedule & coordinate preparations for forums and interviews
  • Consultants reach out to individual candidates
  • Consultants prepare Board members for interviews
  • Conduct comprehensive reference and background checks (after securing releases from candidates)

October 16-22


Public Forums & Board of Trustees Final Interviews

  • Consultants and HR host public forums with each finalist, collect and compile feedback for Board review
  • Consultants and HR support Board in interviews of finalists
  • Consultants share report of comprehensive reference and background checks with Board

October 25-27
(in-person forums & final interviews)

In Progress

Closed Session Board Meeting (after conclusion of Final Interviews)

  • Board selects top candidate, sets parameters to begin negotiations with final candidate
  • Contract to be finalized for posting for November Board meeting
  • Consultants assist in communication with finalists

October 27-30


Preparation following Board decision: Consultants assist in communication with finalists

October 27 – November 13


Regular Board Meeting (Item for Chancellor Appointment)

  • Board approves contract for new Chancellor appointment

November 14
Board Meeting



  • Communication with internal and external community
  • Board President sends letter to PCCD community to announce selection

November 15


Transition/Consultative Support for New Chancellor

  • Interim Chancellor provides transitional support, onboarding of new Chancellor
  • Consultants provide consultative support for new Chancellor, as desired by Board and new Chancellor

November 15 – December 31


Start Date: New Chancellor

January 1, 2024