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Who do I contact if I need more help?

Email the Workforce Development and Continuing Education office at

What is the difference between credit and noncredit courses?

In general, credit courses are designed for students who are interested in earning college units towards a degree or certificate. Students who take credit courses receive a letter grade (A, B, C, D or F) at the end of the semester.

Noncredit courses are intended for students who want to gain general knowledge, learn a new skill, upgrade existing skills, enrich their understanding about a wide range of topics, or develop personal interests. Noncredit classes are NOT applicable toward a degree and no units are earned. Upon completion of a series of required classes, students can earn a noncredit vocational certificate.

Who can take a noncredit course?

Anyone 18 years of age or older.

How do I enroll in a noncredit class?

You can apply and enroll in classes online or in person at any of the Peralta College Admissions and Records Offices.

How much does a noncredit course cost?

There is no tuition for noncredit courses. However, a few courses include a fee for materials provided to students. Students are also responsible for the purchase of books and supplies.

Can a student taking only noncredit classes get a Peralta photo ID card? How?

Yes. The student ID card is free for all students at the campus Welcome Center or Student Activities Office. Students will need to bring a current class schedule showing enrollment and a valid photo ID.

Do I need a parking permit?

Yes, all students who park at any of the Peralta Colleges must have a valid, current parking permit at all times. Semester parking permits can be purchased at the cashier’s office at the colleges. Daily parking passes are also available at the parking lots.

Why would I take noncredit classes or a noncredit certificate program?

Noncredit classes assist students seeking to improve math or English proficiency, increase literacy and job skills, prepare for college-level courses and advance employability.

Is there a noncredit transcript?

Yes. Students who take noncredit courses can order a noncredit transcript.

Can I take noncredit and credit classes at the same time?

Yes. You may enroll in both noncredit and credit classes.

Are there grades in noncredit courses?

Upon completion of a course, students will receive a grade of Pass, No Pass or Satisfactory Progress.

Can I get Financial Aid for noncredit courses?

No. Federal Financial Aid is not available for noncredit courses. Noncredit courses are tuition free. Students are responsible for the purchase of books and supplies. Financial aid is not available for these materials.

Can I repeat a course?

Yes. There are no repeatability limits for noncredit courses.

Are noncredit vocational certificates recognized in the industry?

Yes. Many of these certificates are favorably recognized by business and industry, and are frequently used as a requirement for career advancement.

Can noncredit classes be transferred to another college?