Critical Thinking in Belize, Summer 2023

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  • Course: Merritt College English 5 (Summer 2023), 3 Units; UC/CSU-transferrable
  • Travel dates: June 5-13, 2023
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Contact Information: Egbert Higinio (

Egbert R. Shaka Higinio has taught at the high school level in the country of Belize, and cities of California in Oakland, Tracy, Los Angeles, and San Jose. Now he teaches and lectures English composition, comparative literature, logic, critical thinking, and introduction to philosophy at institutions such as San Jose Evergreen Valley College, Los Angeles City College, and San Jose State University. He enjoys applying critical theory to literature readings and topical concepts such as racism, justice, immigration, poverty, and liberation theology. Egbert’s extra curricula activities include organizing low-income people, especially the Garifuna people of Central America and the Caribbean. He plans to help them to understand their history from the perspective of colonial literature as part and parcel of the colonial project to make our people invisible. His task is to change our historical and epistemological terms of reference to include our own enlightenment embedded with indigenous knowledge of our territories and customary land rights which are facilitated via the United Nations International Labor Convention 169. Brother Higinio is presently involved in litigating colonial governments for the return of stolen lands with the help of the Garifuna Nation to which he serves as president.